Hello, dear customers!
This privacy protection statement is in response to changes in the social environment, laws and regulations, and technological advancement, and to protect customer privacy, the right to modify this announcement statement, and update and inform customers as soon as possible.

[Qingdao Wangcaixia Trading Co., Ltd.] respects the privacy of customers very much. The acquisition, processing and use of customer data are in compliance with the [Personal Data Protection Law] of the Republic of China and related laws and regulations. You can refer to the following privacy policy to understand us Specific measures.

How to obtain customer information

We own the personal data of our customers, which are provided by registered members or consumer customers who use the shopping platform provided by us, or obtained legally by us in other marketing activities.

Types of customer information acquisition

  Based on the services provided by the shopping platform, we ask customers to provide the necessary operating information:

For members or customers of the shopping platform, we will ask you to provide basic information, including your name, contact number, contact address, email address, and other information provided by you;

When you develop a product delivery service, we will ask you to provide delivery information, including the recipient’s name, contact number, contact address and other necessary delivery contact information;

When you have actual consumption behavior, we will keep your accounting information;

We will provide you with other information for necessary tasks based on providing relevant services such as market analysis, rewards activities, membership and customer rights notifications

Purpose of obtaining customer information

  We will only use your personal data for operations necessary when providing product sales, financial transaction authorization, logistics distribution, advertising and marketing, market analysis, rewards activities, notifications of membership rights and related services:

Logistics delivery: We will provide customers with merchandise sales, logistics and distribution services to fulfill orders, and provide distribution information to partner manufacturers and logistics providers;

Financial transaction authorization: the accounting information you provide will be provided to financial institutions to complete financial transaction-related businesses during the financial transaction process;

Advertising marketing: In order to provide you with more high-quality products and event information, our company will share relevant information before you agree. If you do not want to receive relevant information in the future, you can notify us at any time;

Market analysis: Based on the content of your advertisements, consumption records and the information provided, the company will conduct market analysis, including the use of cookies or similar technologies through third parties to develop and provide better customer services in the future;

Other business side matters: According to the above-mentioned service purpose, and other services you use the Guava shopping platform, please mention it before agreeing to use it within the necessary scope.

Customer data usage period and region

Except as stipulated by laws and regulations, in principle, we will only give you the scope of authorization to use customer data in accordance with the aforementioned scope of service purposes as necessary for operations during the company’s business existence and within the reach of the service.

Customer information disclosure object and method

  1: We will only use our company and the third party appointed by us to handle business-related affairs (for example: financial institutions, cooperative manufacturers, logistics providers and other service providers), according to the scope of the aforementioned service purposes for the necessary use or disclosure of the operation Customer profile. Unless otherwise regulated by laws and regulations, or otherwise obtained your consent, otherwise we will not disclose your personal information to third parties other than the aforementioned.

2: When we provide information to other third parties, in addition to the consent of the customer, there may be the following situations:

Necessary for the scope of operation and utilization for a specific purpose;

Use for purposes other than specific purposes as stipulated in Article 20 of the Personal Data Protection Act;

Based on the provisions of the law or subject to the requirements of judicial organs and other rights based on legal procedures;

In an emergency, to protect the legal rights of other members or third parties;

To maintain the normal operation of the membership service system;

The necessary information of gold/logistics generated by members through this service, such as shopping, redeeming gifts, participating in lucky draws, etc.

Customer data storage and custody

  Regarding the personal data you provide, we will formulate strict specifications for the information system and company operating rules. Anyone must process and use the necessary data under the authorization specifications that we specify. Our protective measures for data security equipment betting are as follows:

We use the best technology to protect your personal data. At present, the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) mechanism (128bit) is used for data transmission encryption, and a firewall is installed to prevent illegal intrusion and prevent your personal data from being illegally accessed;

Use for purposes other than specific purposes as stipulated in Article 20 of the Personal Data Protection Act;

In addition, in order to provide services that are more suitable for your needs, we will use cookie technology to receive and record server values ​​on your browser, including IP Address and Cookies, to provide work related to product updates and network service optimization When used.

Exercising client data rights

  According to Article 3 of the Personal Data Protection Law, unless there are other legal restrictions, you have the right to inquire about or request access to the personal data you provide, request to make copies, request supplements or corrections, request to stop collection processing or use, and request deletion s right.

If you want to exercise the above rights or have other consultation matters, you can complete the relevant operations in the [Customer Center] of the Bule Shopping Mall platform, or contact the customer service center to provide comments, and we will respond to your questions as soon as possible.

The impact of data accuracy on rights

  I would like to remind you that if customers do not provide complete personal information, they may not be able to become our members or enjoy various corresponding member preferential services or the latest information.

If the information provided by the customer is wrong, it is not protected by this statement.

Regarding this privacy statement, we may modify it at any time in response to changes in the social environment, laws and regulations, and technological advancement, and notify customers of the modified content by email, telephone, communication network, online announcement or other appropriate methods.