1. Are all the products in the mall genuine?

The selection adheres to the usual rigorous attitude, strictly controls the origin, craftsmanship, and raw materials of the products, and strives to help consumers select the best quality products, you can rest assured to buy.

  1. How to ship orders in the mall?

The selection will select logistics distributors based on the location of the customer and the size and weight of the product to ensure a high-quality user experience. You can keep the order number, ask online customer service, and track commodity logistics information in real time.

  1. How long will my package be delivered?

We will deliver the order within 10-15 working days after the order is successfully paid. The specific delivery time depends on the express delivery time.

  1. How to free shipping?

For the total price of a single purchase (excluding shipping costs) is greater than or equal to $60, we provide a free shipping service.

  1. Is there any color difference between the actual product and the picture?

The photos of the products in the mall are all taken in kind, and the colors are proofread by the designer. Because of the differences in different computer monitors, light and brightness, slight color differences are inevitable.

  1. Can the order information be modified after the order is placed?

Before confirming the checkout, the user can modify the receiving information in the order details page, and the modification result is subject to the actual page modification prompt.

After confirming the checkout, if you want to change the receiving information, please contact the online customer service and provide the correct receiving information within 24 hours after placing the order.

Note: As long as you contact customer service within 24 hours and provide the correct receiving information, it means the acceptance is successful.

More than 24 hours, because the goods have entered the warehouse stocking and packaging system, the receiving information cannot be changed. beg to be excused.

  1. Instructions for Return and Exchange
  2. Return/exchange due to personal reasons: within 7 days from the date of receipt of the goods, please contact online customer service or email to [email protected] without affecting the secondary sales. After-sales customer service will be 1-3 working days after receiving the message, the shipping cost of return/exchange shall be borne by yourself.
  3. Return/Exchange due to quality reasons: within 7 days from the date of receipt of the goods, please contact online customer service or email to [email protected], after-sales customer service will be 1-3 after receiving the message It will be processed within one working day, and the freight incurred by the return/exchange shall be borne by us.
  4. Return/Exchange Process
  5. Contact online customer service or email ([email protected]) to apply for return/exchange
  6. Customer service will verify the reason for return/exchange within 1-3 working days
  7. The customer service arranges home delivery to pick up the goods
  8. The warehouse verifies that the returned goods are in good condition
  9. For customers who return goods, we will return the payment to the bank account provided by the customer; for customers who exchange goods, we will re-send the goods to the customer


  1. For the return/exchange due to product quality, the freight will be borne by the seller
  2. The return/exchange due to personal reasons will be borne by the buyer
  3. Please keep the packaging intact for the return/exchange. If the product is missing or the product deteriorates, the return/exchange authority will be affected
  4. The customer service order number or the name or phone number of the consignee and the reason for the return/exchange shall be provided to the customer service during return/exchange
  5. A bank account must be provided for returns
  6. The exchange product specifications are required for exchange
  7. 9. Return/exchange contact information and contact address

Contact method 1: through online customer service;
Contact Method 2: Send an email to [email protected]
Contact address: No. 340, Section 1, Haishan Road, Luzhu District, Taoyuan City

  1. Violating Order Processing Rules

In order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the majority of mall members, once it is discovered that the following malicious swiping of orders and coupons (including but not limited to the following behaviors):

Use machines to maliciously scan coupons in batches, and place purchase orders in the mall;

Use software, technical means or other methods to place orders for the collection of commodities, coupons, discounts, freight or other benefits;

Repeatedly swipe orders.